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Stitched Simply Sweet Bibs

Options are great when it comes to bibs.  Our bibs come with the option to have a pocket.  In choosing how to fold the bottom and fasten the velcro, you decide which option is best for you.  Many stylistic choices available, including having a different color backing and matching accessories.  

Handmade Babies Feeding and Diapering Accessories

Burp Cloths

Stitched Simply Sweet Burp Cloths

Very absorbent and soft, you and baby will both enjoy using our burp cloths.  Soft flannel covers one side with an absorbent white cloth on the other.  Sold in sets of 3 or 5 and tied with a ribbon, these are perfect for gift giving to the expectant mommy in your life. 

Stitched Simply Sweet Diaper Wipe Cases

Diaper bag a mess?  Having trouble keeping your diapers and wipes handy when you are out and about?  Our diaper and wipe cases are the ideal solution.  Each case includes a snap closure to keep items secure and will hold a travel package of wipes and several diapers - at least 4.  Fabric choices vary with many options and are machine washable.

Diaper and Wipe Cases

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